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Winter is coming. Spare a thought for the wildlife in your garden.

A few weeks ago, Tim and I were planting up a mixed hedge of pretty-much full-size trees to replace a Leylandii hedge for a lovely couple in Benson. When the client was explaining the reason behind the job, Tim and I stood aghast; the hedge (belonging to the neighbouring property) had been removed without warning by developers who were building new houses in the field next door. Our client had literally walked out into his garden one morning to find he no longer had a 20ft hedge screening his garden from the neighbouring field.

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Why February feels special in the garden

After a long, frosty winter when most of the jobs in the garden are about tidying up and putting things to rest for a couple of months, February brings a sense of anticipation. Spring hasn’t yet emerged, but signs, in the form of snowdrops, crocus, hellebores and primroses give us the sense that it’s just around the corner waiting to happen. Here are a few of the things you can be doing in February that will make a difference for the rest of the year. 
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You’ve got a friend in a leaf

Last month we were waxing lyrical about Autumn leaves. But for most of us leaves are great while they are still on the trees, but once they fall, they lose their attraction. They can clog up ponds, kill your lawn, encourage slugs and generally make your garden look a mess. So this month’s top tips are all about leaves and what you can do to make leaves your friends:

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