Monthly Archives: June 2016

Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

One of the many joys of having a well-planned garden is that you can have ready access to freshly-cut flowers to add colour and scent to your home all year round. Your home-grown flowers will be less expensive than the florist/shop bought variety and also there’s the extra satisfaction and enjoyment from growing your own cut flowers in a sustainable manner that then decorate your home both inside and out.

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Protecting The Pollinators

Insects Are The Gardener’s Friend

Many people may not automatically think of some insects as the gardener’s friend but actually, ladybirds, lacewings, beetles and hoverflies feed on aphids and other smaller insect pests that otherwise can cause havoc in our gardens. Similarly, bumblebees and solitary wasps also devour unwanted garden visitors and many of these insects are great pollinators, helping our gardens to grow and reproduce naturally.

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A Garden Designed For The Good Life

Case Study – The perfect garden to enjoy in retirement.

New open spaces to relax in, some densely planted beds, easy and safe access to a terrace, and a beautiful lawn and vegetable garden all helped to create the perfect garden for our clients to enjoy in their retirement.

Trisha and Kirstine had lived in their Victorian terraced cottage for over twenty years and had established a garden full of treasured plants and special memories. They were looking forward to their retirement and to spending more time enjoying the fruits of their labours and growing their own fruit and vegetables.

However, it was clear that the steep sloping lawn and narrow steps leading to the top of the garden would be difficult to negotiate in their later years…

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