Monthly Archives: April 2017

Here comes the sun – where’s the rain?

According to the Met Office, this year has been one of the driest on record, with Oxfordshire and Berkshire seeing only five percent or less of the average rainfall for the whole of April. A new garden is an investment for the future, so it’s important to get it off to the best possible start, but one of the most common reasons for newly planted trees and shrubs to fail is lack of water. By making a commitment of time and attention early on, you can ensure the long-term health and quality of your garden.

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Appealing to all senses

A sensory garden is a garden, or part of a garden, which is specifically designed to appeal to the five senses through the use of soft and hard landscaping. The Sensory Trust defines a sensory garden as “a self-contained area that concentrates a wide range of sensory experiences. Such an area, if designed well, provides a valuable resource for a wide range of uses, from education to recreation.”

Sensory gardens are increasingly popular for outside spaces in schools, hospitals and hospices to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment. In fact it’s been proved that sensory gardens have therapeutic value for people with visual disabilities or dementia who can enjoy connecting with nature in a safe environment. Sensory gardens can also contribute positively to emotional wellbeing and can be used as a coping strategy to improve mental, emotional and long term physical health.

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Big ideas for Small Gardens

When you think of containers in the garden, it’s easy to think small; terracotta plant pots with herbs, a glazed pot for a special rose perhaps or maybe a wooden trough with pansies and primroses. So often pots are an after-thought or late addition to the garden given as a gift that then has to fit in with what’s already there. Just as you would think carefully about the accessories for a new kitchen, or soft furnishings in a living room, choosing containers and the plants to fill them can make all the difference to the look and feel of your garden and really add the Wow factor. In fact in a small garden containers can be your starting point to create key points of interest, provide colour, texture and structure as well as being a time-saving or low maintenance solution for reluctant gardeners.

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