Monthly Archives: February 2015

Do you want to do a job you can be proud of?

Here at GreenArt we take great pride in our work, so finding the right people to join the team is really important.

To support the growth of the business and the development of our existing team, we’re currently recruiting for a Trainee Landscaper. The role is a vital one to ensure our landscapers work efficiently and effectively and to the highest standards.

Do you, or do you know anyone who fits the bill?

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Adaptability – weighing up the risks for survival

Over the years I think the word ‘adaptability’ has featured in every job advert I have ever written. Something I feel is vital in a young person learning to be a landscaper or gardener. We have to anticipate, changing direction or task and often having to use or rely on what is available, local or native.

We are though really just tinkering with a blend of practicality and aesthetics relating to a luxury, a nice to have. Unlike the animals and plants whose environment we are encroaching on. Adaptability to many of them is no luxury – it’s the way to survive.

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