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The Outdoor Room : How to increase your property value!

The Outdoor Room : How to increase your property value!

A garden that is a genuine outdoor living space, rather than an overgrown jungle or kids’ playground, is not only a great feature to enjoy while you live in your home, it will also attract buyers when you’re ready to sell. It is generally understood that more than half of potential buyers will pay a premium for a home with a dedicated outdoor living space, whether it is in the form of a garden building or is open to the elements. Continue reading…

Going Wild About Flowers

‘Going Wild about Flowers!’

Plantlife, Europe’s largest charity dedicated to wild flowers and other flora recently launched the interactive Great British Wild Flower Hunt. This was in response to new research that reveals people across Great Britain are crying out to know more about wildflowers and get closer to nature.

The Hunt, which continues throughout the summer, is the UK’s first large-scale interactive guide to wild flowers. It offers everyone the opportunity to have fun and boost their botanical knowledge like never before. Continue reading…

Invasive Plants and their threat to Land Values

The names Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam may not be too familiar to homeowners in Oxfordshire. Found across Summertown in Oxford, Witney, Banbury and Bicster, they are some of the most invasive and dangerous plants known to man that can wreak havoc, not only with your garden and the environment, but also with your home.  Left uncontrolled, it can push through brick walls, concrete floors, Tarmac and drainage systems. Continue reading…