Monthly Archives: February 2016

Creating Instant Impact With Minimum Effort

We transformed a blank canvas into a garden filled with interest, form and character.

When David and Catherine moved to Oxfordshire from Kent, they chose a new build as the place to enjoy their retirement. While their new home was hassle and maintenance-free, their new garden was a complete blank canvas of just a lawn and patio without any individual character or interest.

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Getting The Garden Ready For Easter

The weather so far this year has been typically British, i.e. completely unpredictable! Across Oxfordshire, we’ve experienced mild temperatures, big rain storms now personalised with Christian names, and a couple of frosts into the bargain. And, as I type these words, we are warned to expect snow…!

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Monthly Garden Tips

General Maintenance

Although Spring is in sight, we are still experiencing the occasional cold snap and risk of snow, so this month, we’re looking at areas of general maintenance to ensure your trees and shrubs stay in fine fettle until the weather warms up.

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