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Monthly Garden Tips For June

Hints And Tips For June 2016

June is the peak of the gardening year in most gardens so your jobs this month should include:

1) Regular weeding. Nobody’s favourite job so make it less onerous by catching the weeds early and staying on top of them.

2) Mow your lawn at least once a week but never mow it too short. The middle setting on your mower is short enough to create a thick healthy sward. Feeding your lawn during June is also a good idea.

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Star Performers On Our Patch

Ten Flowers & Shrubs That Will Thrive In Our Soil

GreenArt’s base in South Oxfordshire is an interesting and quite varied place to create and establish Gardens.

The starting point for all gardens is the soil. Along the Thames, the soils are silty, deep and fertile. On the slopes of the Chilterns and the downs, the soils are thinner with clay, flint and chalk and, as a result, are often high in pH. Contrary to popular belief that many garden plants demand lime-free soil, more species actually thrive on alkaline conditions rather than dislike them.

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Help Save Our Hedgehogs!

There are many great reasons for encouraging hedgehogs into your garden.

The Gardener’s Friend

Hedgehogs are the gardener’s friend as they particularly enjoy eating beetles, earthworms and slugs and therefore should be a regular guest in most UK gardens. Whilst they do roam far and wide in search of food, they will naturally return to an area that provides richer pickings.

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Trend-setting Garden Design

2016 sees the celebration of 300 years since the birth of possibly the greatest British landscape designer; Capability Brown. It also sees domestic garden design at a fascinating point.

Brown’s style came from two practical principals; comfort and elegance. Today, these principals still feature on many a garden wish list, often translated into “a nice place to sit with colour and interest”. However, these days low maintenance is increasingly cited, alongside supporting wildlife and the environment.

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