Hints And Tips For June 2016

June is the peak of the gardening year in most gardens so your jobs this month should include:

1) Regular weeding. Nobody’s favourite job so make it less onerous by catching the weeds early and staying on top of them.

2) Mow your lawn at least once a week but never mow it too short. The middle setting on your mower is short enough to create a thick healthy sward. Feeding your lawn during June is also a good idea.

3) Deadhead flowering plants regularly to maximise colour and keep the plants healthy.

4) We also recommend that you need to give at least one liquid feed to any flowering plant this month.

5) Heavily water your trees, shrubs, and lawn once or twice a week; ideally for one or two hours at a time, depending on the weather, the amount of planting and the exposure to the sun of your site. It takes a lot of food and water to produce all that great summer growth!

6) Kill off all slugs. Pet friendly slug pellets or environmentally friendly methods are best. GreenArt does not recommend standard slug pellets as these can kill other wildlife. Ideally, if you can manually pick the slugs off your plants and control them that way then that is a much better solution.

7) This is a good time to prune or shape conifers or other non-flowering evergreens

Finally, this is the perfect time to stand back and admire – your garden should look great! So, find a nice place to sit and take it all in. If your mind wanders on to how to make it even better, then give GreenArt a quick call and let us help to shape your vision.

Please contact Jo or George on 01491 280447 or email info@greenart.co.uk.