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Monthly Garden Tips

May is definitely the most dynamic month of the year as your garden springs into life; your job is to make the most of it!

Clean And Clear

Make sure all dead material from the winter, such as leaves, dead stems etc. are removed to prevent pests and diseases affecting the plant and to allow space and air for emerging growth. If you haven’t done so yet, thoroughly clean pond pumps and filters to ensure a good flow of water helps to aerate your water feature, encourage plant growth and minimise algae build-up as the sun starts to warm the water. Be careful not to disturb any fledglings in hedges and frog spawn in ponds.

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The Wonders Of Wildflower Meadows

Six great reasons for creating a wildflower meadow in your garden.

A Splash Of Colour!

Planned and planted correctly, a wildlife meadow will give you an ever-changing view from Spring to Summer of some of Britain’s most amazing species of native wildflowers.

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How To Create Your Perfect Pond

What could be more relaxing than listening to a stream trickle over pebbles or watching ripples gently drift across a lily pond as dragon flies dart from flower to flower? Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Well, with a bit of help from someone with the right know-how, you can create a water feature in your garden that will provide years of enjoyment and interest from day one.

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Looking for inspiration? The National Gardens Scheme and National Gardening Week are great places to start

If you’re looking for ideas on how to transform your garden to delight your friends and family and be an inspiration for fellow gardeners, then a great place to start is the National Gardens Scheme. It’s a way for proud gardeners and garden owners to show their garden to the public for one or two days a year and at the same time raise money for charity.

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