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Winter is coming. Spare a thought for the wildlife in your garden.

A few weeks ago, Tim and I were planting up a mixed hedge of pretty-much full-size trees to replace a Leylandii hedge for a lovely couple in Benson. When the client was explaining the reason behind the job, Tim and I stood aghast; the hedge (belonging to the neighbouring property) had been removed without warning by developers who were building new houses in the field next door. Our client had literally walked out into his garden one morning to find he no longer had a 20ft hedge screening his garden from the neighbouring field.

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Bee Kind

Bee kind…

The careful insect ‘midst his work I view,

ow from the flowers exhaust the fragrant dew,

With golden treasures loads his little thighs,

And steer his distant journey through the skies.

(John Gay, Rural Sports)

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Top Garden Tips For May

May signals the start of a really exciting time in the garden. Every day brings new life to celebrate as new colours burst on the scene in our gardens, woodlands, countryside and hedgerow. In particular I love the incredible range and vibrance of the greens that are emerging and the way the vivid limes set off the subtle blues and purples, especially in our woodlands.

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Easter Wildlife

The weather may be trying hard to dampen the spirits, but it can’t hold back the inevitable arrival of spring for much longer. Easter is always an exciting time for the re-emergence of plant and animal life as well as the arrival of summer visiting birds. For those prepared to brave the elements at the weekend, here are some of the things to look out for.

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Why wildlife can be a welcome visitor to your vegetable garden

We all know the story of Peter Rabbit stealing lettuces and carrots from Mr McGregor’s garden. For those of us who have grown our own veg, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering that the fruits of our labours have been munched by a fluffy little cotton tail or destroyed by an army of slimy slugs.

Wildlife can, however, be a very welcome visitor to our vegetable gardens and allotments, which in return can provide a perfect habitat for many species.

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Why February feels special in the garden

After a long, frosty winter when most of the jobs in the garden are about tidying up and putting things to rest for a couple of months, February brings a sense of anticipation. Spring hasn’t yet emerged, but signs, in the form of snowdrops, crocus, hellebores and primroses give us the sense that it’s just around the corner waiting to happen. Here are a few of the things you can be doing in February that will make a difference for the rest of the year. 
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Gardening: How it can benefit both us and the environment!

Gardening: How it can benefit both us and the environment!

While the weather permits us there is no excuse not to get out in the garden, however, this still leaves some of us wondering what the benefits really are?

The truth is that the benefits of gardening really are endless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Gardening comes in many forms; from working on your own garden, to growing vegetables at school, to tending flower beds in your community. So what are the benefits? Here we list six major benefits to consider.

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Going Wild About Flowers

‘Going Wild about Flowers!’

Plantlife, Europe’s largest charity dedicated to wild flowers and other flora recently launched the interactive Great British Wild Flower Hunt. This was in response to new research that reveals people across Great Britain are crying out to know more about wildflowers and get closer to nature.

The Hunt, which continues throughout the summer, is the UK’s first large-scale interactive guide to wild flowers. It offers everyone the opportunity to have fun and boost their botanical knowledge like never before. Continue reading…