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Keep Weeding – A summer garden maintenance tip.

Summer is a time when we want to be enjoying our gardens and it is also the time when weeding is required the most, because weeds get everywhere! The seeds often lie dormant in the soil waiting for their chance to flourish. With all the recent rain we have had, and now the warmer weather, it’s fair to say the weeds are currently flourishing!

Of course there are physical preventative measures, like weed mats, that you can use to reduce the need for weeding, however they do not suit all locations and require some preparation. A solution for next year perhaps, but not right now.

You may also be tempted by herbicides, however here at GreenArt we do not use herbicides as they significantly impact the surrounding environment and wildlife. 

So it is our job as gardeners to keep weeding during the growing months. But keeping your weeds under control doesn’t have to be an onerous task if you follow these simple guidelines. 

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Invasive Plants and their threat to Land Values

The names Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam may not be too familiar to homeowners in Oxfordshire. Found across Summertown in Oxford, Witney, Banbury and Bicster, they are some of the most invasive and dangerous plants known to man that can wreak havoc, not only with your garden and the environment, but also with your home.  Left uncontrolled, it can push through brick walls, concrete floors, Tarmac and drainage systems. Continue reading…