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Spring Blooming Bulbs

Vibrant colour in the garden is often, and most easily provided by bulbs. Hyacinths at Christmas, Crocus in the New Year, Daffodils in Spring and Tulips in early Summer.

Many of these bulbs are planted in Autumn and are dormant through winter. These bulbs need cold temperatures in order to produce a flower bud for spring which is part of the reason they are planted at this time of the year.

So now’s the time to start planning your bulb planting scheme ready for next year.

What bulbs will you be planting this Autumn?

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Why winter is a great time to make changes in your garden

I’m often asked when is the best time to undertake major landscaping work in the garden. Many people assume it would be spring or summer when plants and lawns are growing quickly, days are longer and, in theory, the weather is better. But spring and summer is when we all want to be out and enjoying our gardens rather than watching a team of landscapers dig it up and turn it upside down. Continue reading…