Monthly Archives: October 2015

You’ve got a friend in a leaf

Last month we were waxing lyrical about Autumn leaves. But for most of us leaves are great while they are still on the trees, but once they fall, they lose their attraction. They can clog up ponds, kill your lawn, encourage slugs and generally make your garden look a mess. So this month’s top tips are all about leaves and what you can do to make leaves your friends:

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Go on – take the plunge. Create your very own wildlife haven.

“What would you like to get out of your garden?” This is the first question we ask our customers and over the last twenty or so years of designing and creating gardens, the answers have been many and varied. Most, however, tend to include the same overall themes; seating areas, lawns, colourful and interesting planting, space for the kids to play etc. Them come the ‘nice to haves’; water somewhere would be nice, lighting, irrigation (we never have time to water). Almost all say ‘low maintenance’ – no one has ever asked us for a ‘high maintenance’ garden!

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