The weather so far this year has been typically British, i.e. completely unpredictable! Across Oxfordshire, we’ve experienced mild temperatures, big rain storms now personalised with Christian names, and a couple of frosts into the bargain. And, as I type these words, we are warned to expect snow…!

The Easter break is early this year with Good Friday falling on Friday 25th March 2016. Nothing says Easter more than a Sunday lunch with all of the family and some close friends and, if the Easter Bunny has visited, a traditional Easter Egg Hunt in the garden.

So now is the time to inspect the garden and ensure you will be ready for Easter.


Let’s start with the infrastructure. Examine all of your fencing and walls and see if they need any attention – perhaps a new fencing panel or some repairs. A dry stone wall is a great place to hide Easter eggs so make sure it’s up to scratch. How about your paths and flowerbed borders? Do they need some assistance? Is your decking or patio in good shape and is it easy to maintain all year round?


Whilst the youngsters are racing round the garden, the older generation may want somewhere to sit so perhaps it’s time to build a dedicated seating area, maybe on a beautiful stone terrace or close to the kitchen door so this area can be used all year round for morning coffee, a quick read of the Sunday papers, or for watching your favourite pets gamble over the garden.


Finally, for older children and younger adults, a good Easter weekend often involves some sport in the back garden with footballs, rugby balls and cricket balls in attendance. These activities aren’t always conducive with protecting your Spring bulbs and early flowering shrubs so you might want to invest in some sturdy stone or brick edges to finish the borders and protect the flowerbeds.


This is also a good time to check out the overall layout of the garden, are the beds in the right place and could you benefit from a feature such as a pergola, arch, gazebo or a rose arbour to really finish off the garden in style?


At GreenArt, we provide an annual Garden Care and Development Programme. For a fixed annual fee, George and the team will provide a garden review and assessment with a full day of our team working on site.

As with all garden projects, there are medium to long-term strategies but also many quick fixes that can be made that provide instant solutions but, if you are looking to finish these in time for Easter, then you need to start today!

For a beautiful garden in time for Easter, contact Jo on: