General Maintenance

Although Spring is in sight, we are still experiencing the occasional cold snap and risk of snow, so this month, we’re looking at areas of general maintenance to ensure your trees and shrubs stay in fine fettle until the weather warms up.

Now is a good time to check all of your tree ties and stakes and to loosen, tighten or replace them as appropriate. Check your conifers and tie up any branches that were damaged by recent snow falls or the high winds. Inspect any newly-planted trees and shrubs that may have been lifted by frost heave or by the strong winds and firm them back into the soil.

You should have coverings on any borderline or newly-planted hardy trees, shrubs and climbers, so check that these are still secure until the risk of frost has passed.

Put rabbit guards around newly planted trees and shrubs to protect the bark and also remove any weeds from around the bases.

Also, after pruning, don’t forget to mulch and feed your shrubs, trees, hedges and climbers as they will need more energy for the extra growth they will put on after cutting back.

Finally, as the weather starts to warm up, pests will also emerge! Watch out for early infestations of caterpillars, aphids and fly pests – these can usually be managed by hand removal, making insecticides unnecessary.

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