Having just stopped for lunch and being struck several times this morning with blog inspiration, I thought I would regale you with my further adventures in willow sculpting.

It’s Saturday 4th of May which means it’s only 6 more days till my 40th birthday and my mind has mostly been occupied this week organising my celebrations. In the in between times I have to confess to being a little anxious about the willow. Will it grow? has it dried out already? Will the tunnel ever reach completion? You get the gist.

Well, when I started tying in the arches of the big tunnel structure today, I noticed a few new shoots on one of the uprights. At this point I was ecstatic. And then, as if this wasn’t enough excitement for one day, As I worked alongside the boat, I spotted a few new shoots, then a few more and on closer inspection, pretty much all of Ratty’s boat was showing signs of new life. You can probably guessed how happy this made me 😀

And then it started to rain. As you know by now I like the rain as it waters the plants and keeps the willow supple, but as it has been a bit of a chilly day, I could quite frankly do without it…so I retreated into the after school club annex to finish my lunch. And now…the sun has come out again so I think it is probably safe to venture out again…I shall pick this up again later.

The day was punctuated by intermittent rain showers. At 5:30 I finally called it a day, because the rain came this time with an accompanying biting wind.

Today felt like a really productive day, I tied in the tunnel frame then put in the weavers and wove one side of the tunnel, tying them all in when I had done. I added the first line of weavers to the other side and considered it a job well done.

I plan to add more organic shapes with yellow weavers once the initial weaving is complete. Hopefully I will manage to finish it tomorrow!

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