If you want to take stunning photos of your garden during the summer to remind you of it throughout those cold and wet winter months, then it’s worth thinking about the best way to go about it before you start.

Local photographer Shannon Lee Robinson from SLR Photography is working with us to capture some special images of the gardens we’re creating.

Here are her top tips to taking fantastic photographs of your garden:

        1. Always take into consideration where the sun is – avoid shooting into the sunlight, as the shadows will be really dark, and you will miss details of your garden.
        2. Try quirky shots, think of a plants ,pebble or bugs point of view – this will create interesting angles and photos.
        3. If it is a very sunny day – try shooting from the shadows into the lighter brighter sections of your garden – as you can then avoid having dark sections in your photo.
        4. Try getting a bird eye point of view – if you house overlooks your garden  – shoot out of the window – this is a great angle to getting the whole entire garden in your shot – and shooting from above gives people the real scale of it.
        5. If you have water features – change your camera settings to low shutter speed (but make sure you use a tripod or wall to mount the camera on) – as this will show off the water to its full flowing glory!
        6. If you have macro settings on your camera – try this – as you can then create real close up angles to plants and flowers, which creates really interesting images, and will show the details of your garden!
        7. Try shooting from every 4 corners of your garden – as you will then see which is the best angle!
        8. Shoot through plants and flowers, as this creates nice texture and colour around your images.


So go on – dust off your camera or smartphone, get shooting and please send them to us so we can see how your garden is developing and share them with our customers, friends and followers.

And if you’re feeling particularly creative, watch this space and our Twitter and Facebook pages for details of the GreenArt Gardens Photo Competition.