Summer Inspiration for a Garden Re-design

A balmy Summers evening, with its hazy undertones and perhaps nostalgic childhood memories maybe the perfect time to find inspiration for your garden’s re-design.

As the sun bathes our outdoor spaces, we are invited to step outside, indulge in the sensory delights and uncover what truly brings us joy in our gardens.

Our gardens should be just as integral to our home as much as our indoor space is. The link between indoors and outdoors should feel effortless. As much a place to rest, relax and socialise as our bed, sofa or dining table is!

A garden can awaken our senses with sights, sounds, smells, and textures. When contemplating a garden re-design, let the splendour of Summer guide your plans and decisions.


Take a moment to observe what is already thriving in your garden during this season.

Notice the flourishing plants and take note of what you love about them. Is it the colours that sing to you like a painting on canvas, the lush greenery invigorating a sense of jungle, or the various shapes and sizes of the plants that inject interest and depth.

Consider how wildlife is drawn to your garden and let these insights inform your planting schemes.

Identify where shadows are cast – are these perhaps suitable spots to unwind on warm afternoons or seek shelter on cooler days. This understanding will guide your choices of trees, seating, and shelter to enhance your experience in all weather conditions.

Also, be mindful of the natural flow of your garden. Are people following existing pathways, or is there evidence of regular foot traffic where paths don’t exist? Pathways help route you through a garden, offering a sense of intrigue and wonder as well as suggesting places to pause and observe.

let the sights of your garden inform your garden re-design


Close your eyes and listen to your garden.

What sounds make you smile and fill you with tranquillity?

Is it the gentle trickle of water from a feature, the chorus of birds singing, the rustling leaves in the breeze, or the scurrying of creatures in the undergrowth?

Embrace these soothing sounds and consider incorporating more of them into your green space.

Close your eyes and listen to your garden. Consider adding more sounds that resonate with you to your garden re-design.


Inhale deeply and savour the scents that surround you. Take pleasure in the fragrant flowerbeds, aromatic herbs, and invigorating smells that nature generously bestows.

Identify the scents that resonate most with you, such as the sweet fragrance of blooming roses, the refreshing scent of mint leaves, or the earthy aroma after a summer storm.

Let these scents inspire you to include more of these elements in your garden re-design, ensuring a constant source of delight throughout the Summer.

Incorporate the smells that delight in your garden re-design, like herbs and flowers


Engage your senses by reaching out and touching the textures of your garden.

Allow your hands to run through long grasses, feel the different textures of leaves, hug a tree and take in its enormity compared to other species in your garden. Experience the earth beneath your feet and immerse yourself in the variety of surfaces and sensations around you.

Reflect on how your garden makes you feel. Does it invite you to linger and relax, like an extension of your home, creating an outdoor living space you yearn to be in?

Consider the time you and your family spend in the garden and assess if there are missing elements that could make it more inviting as well as functional.

Over to us

Creating a garden of your dreams is only possible if you truly allow yourself to connect with what already exists.

What are the things that you love about your space that you want to develop further?

What are the things you feel it lacks in order for it to be a place where you and your family can bask in the beauty of nature, connect with each other, and create lasting memories throughout the Summer and beyond.

By mindfully observing and reflecting during the summer months, you will gather valuable information for your garden re-design. Allow the beauty of nature to guide you towards creating a harmonious yet practical outdoor sanctuary.

Once Summer has passed and your ideas have flourished, we’ll be here to help you transform your garden dreams into reality.

let us help you re-design the garden of your dreams