As the summer draws to a close and everyone returns to work and school, it is the perfect time to be thinking about how well your garden worked for you over the last few months. Summer is the prime time to be out in your garden so it is important to use this time of year, while your memories of barbeques and enjoying the sunshine are fresh, to reflect on how to get the most out of your garden next year and for the summers to come.

What worked well?

Were there particular flowers or plants that you loved the colour or shape of? If so, take some photos while they’re still in bloom so that you remember them and where they are in the garden. Perhaps make a pin-board of these photos to help you gather ideas that may be helpful for a future design. This makes it much easier to identify them if you want to plant some more while also helping you to remember where plants are in your garden once they’ve died back for the winter.


What didn’t work so well?

Did you lack a seating area or find that you were always sitting in the shade? If so, you may want to consider a new patio or deck area in preparation for next summer. Perhaps a place to enjoy the morning sun with a cup of coffee or an eating area to catch the last of the evening rays – however you like to spend your time.

Do you prefer to sit in the shade? A pergola or summer-house may be for you. Pergola’s are ideal for covering a seating area and create a beautiful canopy of plants and flowers as well as providing shelter from the sun or wind. Similarly, a summer- house can be a great place to sit and enjoy your garden, especially if the weather isn’t too great.

Were you aware of gaps in your garden where there wasn’t much going on? Trees and large shrubs can be a great solution for this as they create a feature and can make any corner of your garden fuller and more exciting. There are a wide range of trees and shrubs suitable for the job, perfect for gardens of all sizes and styles and the Autumn is a great time to be planting more mature specimens.

What’s changed?

Does your children’s old swing take up valuable space, is the sandpit redundant or the trampoline covered in leaves? All the best gardens evolve with a family so if this was the year that your children have finally grown out of their garden toys, it could be the perfect time to consider another use for the space.

Maybe you now have an interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables and could utilise the unused space by having some raised beds or fruit trees? Or perhaps you would like to encourage wildlife with a pond or water feature?


Whatever is going on in your garden, now is a great time to review what you want your garden to do for you. If you would like any help on how to make changes to your garden at this time of year, please contact us. Email or call Jo or George on 01491 280447.