Lawns And Grass Areas

The weather has finally sorted itself out and those pesky cold snaps should be over. After a few false starts, Spring has finally sprung properly with the daffodils out and a few days of consistent sunshine.

However, they don’t call them April showers for nothing so expect a couple of days of drenching rain too this month!

This month, we should turn our attention to our grass and lawn areas and, as long as we think the frosts are really over, now’s the time to start transferring our indoor-sown seeds from the greenhouse and window sills to the garden…

We can start by lightly raking the lawn in order to remove any old plant debris and any dead moss. Then have a good look at the surface – bumps and holes should be repaired by peeling back the turf and then adding or removing any soil underneath until the problem area is flat again.

During mid-April, you can over-seed any dead patches but for good germination, you need the soil to be warm and not too wet so you’ll need to play it by ear. Take care that the family doesn’t walk over any newly sown grass until it has reached two to three inches in height and also give the mowing a miss until the new grass has really bonded in.

Other Areas To Consider

Your young hardy annuals that you sowed in February should now be ready for planting out and your sweet peas can now be sown outside. It’s now the right time to plant your summer-flowering bulbs but do ensure that water will drain from the soil, otherwise your bulbs may rot.

Herbaceous perennials such as Geraniums etc can be planted but do make sure any garden centre purchases have strong, green shoots and again ensure that the soil has been well-prepared first.

Finally, snails, slugs, pests and aphids will be enjoying the warmer wet weather so be vigilant and hand-remove them as you find them…

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