Autumn leaves can be very evocative and one of the most dramatic signs of the changing season. But by the time they come, many of the jobs you need to think about to prepare your garden for the cooler months, should already have been started.

To save you having to worry about what you need to be doing in your garden during the Autumn and Winter so that it is ready to burst into life again in the Spring, we’ve put together an Annual Garden Care and Development Programme.

Each programme is designed around the individual needs of your garden and how involved you want to be in looking after it.

It starts with a visit by George every three months to assess your garden and identify areas that need immediate attention or could be improved. Following the visit, our team of landscapers (usually the same team that created your garden in the first place) will spend a full day tackling those jobs which you can’t or don’t want to do. A typical day in Autumn could consist of:

  • Feeding the lawn, top dressing or over-seeding where necessary
  • Tying in and light pruning of climbing plants
  • Cutting back and removing any dead or dying material in water features
  • Thorough clean and inspection of pumps and filters in water feaures
  • Trimming of hedges
  • Cutting back of perennials that have finished flowering
  • Lifting and dividing of some perennials (not all will be ready for this)
  • Inspection and adjustment of tree ties and supports
  • Towards the end of October/early November irrigation systems are checked and de-commissioned for the winter
  • Visual inspection and minor repair of hard landscaping features

If you’d like to find out more about the Programme, just email us at

We’ve just completed the first Annual visit to the garden we created in Blewbury this summer and were delighted to see the Dahlia’s in full bloom and the first signs of colour from the Acers. We’ll be back just before Christmas to make sure everything is looking its best for when the family visits.

Oh and sorry for the Eagles reference, couldn’t resist it. Great song for those of you young enough to remember Hotel California.