Sleek design, contemporary materials and a specific colour palette were used to create a feeling of space that brings this garden into the home.

When Nicola and Trevor moved into their new home, they had a very clear idea of how they wanted their garden to be transformed to allow them to enjoy it with friends and family all year round. With full length windows and glazed doors leading from the main living room, they wanted their new garden to feel like an extension to their beautiful, modern home while creating a dramatic look and a haven for wildlife. The brief was to combine hard and soft landscaping features within a clean and structured design while providing an informal and relaxed feel to the garden.

GreenArt was given the challenge of developing their ideas and turning a blank canvas into the garden of their dreams. “Working in a brand new garden is a terrific opportunity to test your creativity. Nicola was very clear about what she wanted and what she didn’t want, so it was important for me to really understand the brief so that my design hit the mark first time” explained designer and managing director George Smith.

Smooth, cream sandstone paving was chosen to create a spacious terrace with plenty of room for sofas to relax on and space for outdoor entertaining and eating. The same cream sandstone was used as edging to define the deep borders and give a crisp finish to the large lawn which was important for the professional couple’s three standard poodles.

A dramatic stainless steel water feature was created to form a focal point of the garden in the centre of a densely planted border as well as to have a calming and therapeutic effect. Acer Palmatum dissectum Garnet, Cotinus coggygria, Sambucus Black Lace and Pittosporum Tom Thumb were chosen for their deep purple foliage. Keeping with a primarily purple, blue and white colour palette, Salvias, Agastache, Agapanthus and Aliums were planted to attract bees and other insects and to contrast with the silvery foliage of Astelia silver spear and Convolvulus cneorum.

Highly polished stainless steel planters filled with more Agapanthus were positioned either side of the water feature to reflect and enhance the effect of the falling water and Olive trees were planted in two larger, matching cubes on the terrace to repeat the design theme throughout the garden.

Panels of narrow horizontal Cedar batons were chosen to give a soft and contemporary feel to the boundaries and provide a backdrop to show off the planting without losing the view of the open countryside beyond. A line of pleached Hornbeam trees were planted to extend above the fence line to the side of the property to provide additional privacy close to the house.

“George was very patient and understanding throughout the whole process and listened carefully to all of my ideas,” Nicola explained. “I wanted the garden to remind me of growing up in the sunshine of South Africa and be a place to relax and chill out. I am delighted to say it does just that and it makes me very happy to sit and enjoy my beautiful garden with friends and family.”