With the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show coming to a close, there’s a lot going on in the media to encourage us to get out in our gardens. This may leave many of us wondering what the benefits really are. The truth is that the benefits of gardening really are endless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Gardening comes in many forms; from working on your own garden, to growing vegetables at school, to tending flower beds in your community. So what are the benefits?

Mental Health

In an age where mental health is such a prominent issue, gardening is a great way to help improve it. On a basic level, being outdoors and within nature is proven to lift your mood while being able to see, or even eat, the fruits of your labour creates pride and can boost self-esteem.  The charity Thrive also says that gardening helps the mental health of those with illness and disability as it creates interactions and reduces feelings of isolation. Keeping your mind busy by concentrating on carefully planting seeds or trying to solve problems in the garden is also a great way to maintain a healthy brain.

Physical Health

Gardening requires physical effort and although a leisurely pace can be adopted, it’s a great way to combine something you enjoy with physical exercise. A few hours in the garden over the weekend can go a long way to keeping your heart and body healthy.

The Environment

There are many ways that gardening has a positive impact on the environment we live in and several ways which we can make sure that what we are doing in the garden has a positive effect on the environment. For example, maintaining gardens, both in our homes and the communities, prevents the spread of invasive species which can be detrimental to the ecosystem. Equally, collecting rainwater to use on our plants, instead of using the tap, saves water and protects the environment.


Gardening with wildlife in mind has obvious benefits for wildlife but can also bring a theme and purpose to your garden. Planting species of plants which attract bees and butterflies, or maintaining a pond for birds to drink from, not only helps in their conservation but also makes your garden a more interesting and diverse environment for you to enjoy.

This infographic by Organic Lesson shows just a few more of the many benefits that gardening can have. Whether you’re a well-practiced gardener or have no experience, why not get out in the garden and see how it could benefit you.

If you don’t know where to start or feel your garden is just too much to take on, then get in touch and we can give you advice on how you can make your garden more accessible and easier to enjoy. Email info@greenart.co.uk or call 01491 280447.