To give your garden a seasonal boost and help identity areas for on-going development, why not sign up for our annual Garden Care and Development Programme?

For a fixed annual fee you will have a garden review and assessment by George and a full day of our team on site. During the visit we would:

  • Feed the lawn and apply seasonal treatments
  • Prune, cut back and train of climbers and shrubs
  • Divide and re-plant perennials and aquatic
  • Cleaning and maintenance of pond pump and filter – Clean and maintain pond pump and filter
  • Checking the condition of all hard landscaping areas and re-setting of loose slabs/stones – Check the condition of all hard landscaping features and undertake routine maintenance as required
  • Assess and give advice on both new planting as well as on established trees and shrubs
  • Assess and give advice on fencing and boundaries

Following the visit we will send you a comprehensive three-month forward planning programme detailing the specific requirements of your garden.

So if you’d like the peace of mind that the investment you’ve made in your garden is going to bear fruit, please drop us an email so that we can arrange a programme to suit you